Saturday, December 17, 2005

weird KT

Nytro tagged everyone to do this and I laughed my ass off when I read hers. She is, by far, the quirkiest virtual person I know;) What is most peculiar, though, is that we have some of the same weirness going on and I just didn't think there were people out there like me!

So, I like to catalog what sets me apart just as much as the next person, so here you go...I'm not sure how many you'll get because I'm a bit tired...but at least I'm making an effort:P

1) I eat half of my sandwich the normal way and pick the other half apart and eat each ingredient separately.

2) I only eat Doritos that have A LOT of flavor dust on them.

3) The clothes in my closet have to face left otherwise it will keep me up at night- but at least I don't color code them.

4) I must be in the middle of multiple projects at once and not finish one before moving on to the next...I do them all at the same time in little spurts...this drives me CRAZY...but I can't stop it.

5) I do not dust anything in my house and I only scrub things every other month. Everyday the house gets a wipedown with Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. Hey....we rarely get sick in this house, so I must be doing something right!

6) I kill every indoor plant that comes to live with me. But all of my outdoor plants do just fine.

7) I like to lie....well...not lie...but disagree with people even when I know they are right! It's sick, I know.

8) If I had a phaser like Captain Kirk in Star Trek did, I would shoot every single person I come in contact with.

9) I like and respect my animals more than most people.

10) I cannot put my makeup on if my husband is watching me.

11) I do not like talking on the a matter of fact I hate it very much.

12) I eat all the chocolate off of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup first, then eat the peanut butter.

13) My hubby and I have our own language that only we understand. Currently our favorite catch-phrase is "shnarfy parps". It's most likely used when we're bored, tired or ready for bed. Instead of saying, "let's go to bed", we say "shnarfy parps!" When hubby is reeeealllyy tired, he yawns and says, "shnarfyparparama" at the same time:D

14) I am addicted to chapstick. I have around 15 tubes of it at the moment. I re-apply often but have only once been able to finish a whole tube. I either get tired of the flavor, wash them in the machine, or lose them.

15) I can't EVER seem to find anything to wear. No matter how many clothes are in my closet, I never like any of it.

16) I have three tattoos: purple four-leaf clover on my lower back, purple and blue yin/yan symbol on my toe, sun-moon-stars on my left ankle. I tried to remove the one on my toe with "magic tatto removal cream" but it was a load of crap and didn't work.
17) I love to nap. Napping is good.

18) I have no patience at all. And don't anger me when I'm being impatient...that just turns a bad situation to worse in zero seconds!

19) I love Halloween and the Fall because it's spooky.

20) I have always wanted a unicorn, but not even my hubby will get me one.

21) My guiltiest pleasure is sneaking into the freezer at night and eating ice cream right out of the container! Okay, maybe not my *guiltiest* pleasure...but this is not an X-rated site and I don't know you that bugger off!

22) I am a certified equine sports massage therapist:)

23) I once knocked a (female) bartender out cold for laughing at me while singing karaoke. I was only slightly intoxicated!

24) If I could, I would live in these shorts, this hoodie and these socks.

25) I have guilt. Mostly about the free greeting cards or address stickers that the Humane Society and World Wildlife Fund send you. If I get these things, I have no choice but to send them money. I also have guilt about eating too much. If I eat too much, I must immediately go to the gym or I'll do an extra half hour the next days' workout. Sick.

That's all I can think of for now. Maybe I'll update it if I dig deep into the scary recesses of my soul to admit to having more weirdness.


Nytro said...

i hate talking on the phone, too!! seriously can't handle it. this is why i blog.

and, i may be quirky but that just makes me more loveable.

Wylee said...

I'm with ya on 15. And guilt (25) which I have a lot of around the holiday season. :) BTW love your blog and added it my favorites list so I can check back more often.

it's only fuel said...

Nytro: Yes, more to love, that's what I keep telling myself too!

Wylee: Glad you like it, gonna check back on yours too:)

Anna said...

Hi KT,

I wandered over here from Amy's blog and happened upon your top 10 list.

What's with the having to disagree with people even when they are right? I do that too!

I hate the phone too.