Monday, October 24, 2005

Braised Lamb

Tonight we went to Gene's Fine Foods in Saratoga. The reason we went aaaaaaaaaaaalllll the way over there is because I have coupons for free Tofutti ice cream and they are the closest retailer. Welp....when we got there, there was no Tofutti! Such is the way of things with me, nothing can ever be easy. So we picked up some food for dinner and Les liked the look of the lamb so we brought it home.

I braised the lamb in Pichetti Cab Sauv from our wine club booty this month. I am not a fan of Cab. I know, that's considered a sin to some Californians since Cab is our wine...but I just don't like it.

Anyway, braised the lamb and roasted some carrots and parsnips. Mmmmmmmmm parsnips! Damn those things are tasty. I think we also had some spinach, but that's not news in this house, we always have spinach with din din.

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