Saturday, October 29, 2005

Marin Headlands Rules all Bike Routes

Today Sheri and I went on a huge adventure in San Francisco. It was her inaugural bike ride on her new custom-made Seven we had to do it right. We started the morning very early and went to VeloSwap which turned out to be just a lot of gear heads peddling their old crap to other gear heads. So we took off and had breakfast at Whole Foods to prepare us for the day's journey that was ahead of us.

We ended up spending a lot of time at Sports Basement which is very dangerous because both of us have zero control of our shopping addiction for fitness items. As the San Francisco skies turned gray and cold we decided to buy arm and leg warmers. Check this out, this is what we were faced with!

We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and climbed up Marin Headlands, our favorite ride. This is such a special ride for us because it's always an excellent day when we're there. It's not like the other routes local to us in the South Bay....that's always just work for the purpose of training. Marin Headlands, on the other hand, is a special treat and an excuse to completely slack off....AFTER we climb the big freakin' hill! Anyway, the weather cleared halfway across the bridge.

I was so proud of Sheri for getting up the Headlands without stopping. Her new bicycle absolutely loves her! This is us at the top of the Headlands.

As soon as we started our descend over the other side of the Headlands into Fort Cronkhite, it got freezing cold again. We were so thankful for our arm and leg warmers, it was a very smart purchase. The simple fact that you can just roll them up when you're cold and roll them back down when you get warm is sheer genius. Thank you Mister or Miss Arm and Leg Warmer Inventor Person!

So, 25 miles later, we end up in Tiburon at 4:00PM! What the heck did we do all day long?! We can really waste some time when we're together. It must have been all the breaks to enjoy little places along the way and snack. We were so hungry by this time but none of the restaurants were serving food! Why close a kitchen in the middle of the day? Service me! We eventually found a burger joint and had ourselves some very healthy fried food;) Hamburger and Fries after a 3 hr ride....heaven! While here, we met a fellow cyclist named Andrew and he informed us he had taken the wussy way to Tiburon (no Headlands climb) from the City and that he was taking the ferry back! Sheri and I looked at each other and immediately thought that was a brilliant idea because it was going to go very dark on us in a very little while. It wouldn't have been smart to ride back 20 miles in those conditions. So we finished our food and boarded the ferry.

When the ferry got back to the City, we rode our bikes back out to Sports Basement and loaded up our stuff to head home. It's always an excellent trek and I love the time I get to spend with my faithful training partner and most wonderful friend:) Now it's time for a shower and then a snack and then a well deserved sleep!


Sheri said...

It was such an awesome day. I feel great today!

Mica said...

That sounds like such an awesome ride! Great pics, too.

Sara said...

I love your pictures! We went to SF last year and walked across the bridge. It was beautiful.

Eric_r said...

I like the ferry I idea!