Saturday, October 15, 2005

Weekend Cat Blogging

Okay, been trolling all the food blogs lately and found some really great sites. I've found a lot of great foodie info...but most of all...found they have cats! and dogs! So, I thought I would share some pictures of my furry children as well:) All is right in the world when the Carter house is full of animals:D

You can see what I'm on about here at Eatstuff and Sweetnicks
How much is that Buddy in the window?

Huggy is All Smiles All the Time

Stella the Psycho Kitten


Clare Eats said...

Hi Katie!
So glad you decided to join in!
Thanks for donating money to the poor mountain lions

Nytro said...

my cat is a diabetic fatty... and i couldn't possibly love her more.