Sunday, October 09, 2005

My turn...Kitchen Photos:)

Okay, it's finally clean enough to post photos up! And a little more organized than before.

I keep my fruit and veggies (that don't require refrigeration) in a big platter on the jutty part of my countertop - above the dishwaher. It's sparse right now becaues I've not been shopping in a week. The cabinets in this area house my dishes, bowls, cups and mugs.

I have a two part sink and a high faucet that I love. It's handle comes out and it also has a spray feature as well as the regular stream.

The corner cubby area where my microwave resides is where I do all of my prep work and is usually where my recipes, cookbook or laptop are while I'm cooking. There is a cutting board hidden above the top drawer. I don't really like this wooden cutting board, but using the counter space for other cutting boards is not efficient at all.
These cabinets have all the canned goods, rice, beans, cereal etc.

My oven and stovetop are electric. When we finally buy our own house, this will be changed to gas. The oven is not reliable under 325 degrees. The hotter the better around here. That's why I end up roasting a lot of veggies. The cabinet on the right is where I keep all the spices.

My fridge is covered with magnets that my husband and I collect when we visit new places. These magnets range from Whistler, BC to the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot to Dallas, TX. It's a fun habit we got into together.

All-in-all, I like my kitchen. Mostly because it's white and roomy. I dream of granite countertops, double ovens and a kitchen island...but until home prices in the Bay Area subside dramatically...this is all I have:)

Our cats really do conspire against Huggy...but it serves her right because she breaks into their room and tries to starve them to death by eating all of their food!

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Kevin said...

It looks like a very practical, accomodating kitchen. I could work there.

Amy said...


Sheri said...

Plus you are about the most efficient person I've ever seen in a kitchen. This kitchen suits your style.

Paris said...

How surreal. My folks live in northern California and have almost exactly the same kitchen. They do the same platter business with fruit and veg too.