Sunday, October 23, 2005

Fast Appetizers into Dinner

Les and I went to Barnes & Noble bookstore tonight. He was looking for computer books and I went straight to the food section. What else is new? It's an obsession now. I even buy Fine Cooking now:P I've yet to make any of the recipes 100% to the letter, but at least I'm trying to understand the way the foodies eat.

Digress! So, I had so much fun making appetizers for Les' birthday party with Sheri that I had to pick up Hugh Carpenter's "Fast Appetizers" book. I flipped straight to the Lamb Meatballs on page 71:) Rather than having them on thier own, I did this:

Sauteed red chard with onions and garlic until tender. While this was going on I made the meatballs and boiled pasta. Over the pasta went the red chard as well as some peeled tomatoes...and topped with the meatballs. Les loves these meatballs....I do too. They totally rock:)

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Sheri said...

I really love Hugh Carpenter. His cookbooks totally kick ass.