Sunday, October 16, 2005


I have been inspired by all the Oktoberfest festivals going on lately. I don't really need an excuse to cook German food (as I'm of German descent...Oma and Opa straight from the Motherland), so I put it all together tonight with my own usual flare added for good measure.

Instead of 21-fat-gram bratwurst I made chicken and artichoke sausages. Red cabbage and mashed red potatoes (and one sweet potato because it's been around the house too long) served alongside. Les was happy and full for an early dinner around hungry again at 9pm and ate all the leftovers:)

I attempted a pumpkin pie. I even made my own damn crust...but the oven crapped out on me as usual. It doesn't like to be under 400 degrees anymore, so I thought by cooking it just a little bit longer at 350, it would be okay. Well, the crust over cooked and the filling didn't cook enough. It was almost there, but not enough. Lame.

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